FIRST Krzesło




Following the success of the Air-Chair, the pioneer in utilizing air-moulding technology, the Chair First once again pushes the boundaries of this innovative manufacturing process, as suggested by its name.

Unlike previous designs limited to small, tubular cross-section volumes, Chair First employs the empty frame method for broader and more complex volumes encompassing the entire seat and back. This approach allows for the creation of an organic, three-dimensional form devoid of visible tubular structures often found in conventional chairs. With its sleek and delicate design, Chair First is equally suitable for outdoor use.

Available in a range of colors, Chair First also offers the option of First Dressed, featuring a removable fabric cover. The First collection extends beyond chairs to include sturdy and sophisticated tables. The Table First, crafted with air-moulding technology, serves as a versatile surface for dining or working, indoors or outdoors. Its legs are molded using air-moulding technology, and the tops are available in MDF or HPL for outdoor use, offering options in round, square, or rectangular shapes.

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