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Djurö is a secret place. An island right in the middle of Lake Vänern, isolated from the world by water that stretches into the distance. Out here, you can easily feel as though you are out at sea, or the last person on Earth. Our Djurö furniture range is not quite as secret, but it does share some of the same qualities. The same sensation of other-worldliness. Simple, but not the least bit spartan. Rather like the island that gives its name to this range of furniture. An island where fallow deer roam, regal and graceful, but seldom seen. This is a secret place, after all. 

Djurö is a lounge and dining range in teak. The armchair is available with seat and back made from Batyline textile from Ferrari, or made entirely from teak. There is also a matching foot stool in teak. Dining chair made entirely from teak or with seat and back made from Batyline textile. There isone circular and two rectangular dining tables, seating up to six (actually, as many as eight if you use the ends). There are two lower, circular tables to go with the lounge chairs. The furniture can be oiled annually if used outdoors and if you want to retain their original look. If you choose not to oil them, they will slowly turn a beautiful patinated grey. Batyline Duo is weather-resistant and made to cope with all weather conditions.

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