LIDÖ Zabudowa modułowa




In the 17th century, the nobleman Bengt Oxenstierna built a baroque mansion on the Island of Lidö. Then along came the Russians and burned it down in 1719. These were harsh times. Since then, though, it’s been a peaceful island. Today people come here to eat at the local restaurant, or stroll through the beautiful meadows along the shore. It’s a place for hanging out without a care in the world. Pretty much like the lounge range Lidö. Made in aluminium, with clever Sunbrella fabric covered cushions, it can be put on a shore-side meadow, or anywhere, and then stand there, regardless of wind and weather. Sit down, by all means. Have a drink. Think about all the stories there must be about all the twenty-something thousand islands in the Stockholm archipelago, that have never been told.

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