The genesis of this project stemmed from a particular manufacturing technique: cast iron. Dating back to ancient times, cast iron embodies a physicality and rawness that harks back to archaic times. Iron foundries, the birthplaces of cast iron, are emblematic of heavy industry. Despite its historical association with ornate Victorian-era garden furniture, cast iron possesses two defining traits: weight and strength. Its ability to withstand compression makes it indispensable in structural applications, from building bridges to supporting heavy machinery bases.

Inspired by the industrial heritage of cast iron, Konstantin Grcic designed this collection. Drawing from its material language, the project infuses contemporary furniture with the rugged aesthetic of cast iron’s industrial usage.

The name “Brut” evokes the raw, unadorned essence of cast iron—a solid, imposing material. Yet, it also conjures images of the refinement associated with sparkling wine, highlighting the duality inherent in the project.

With its bold, unapologetic style, the collection embodies a fusion of function and aesthetics that resonates with the spirit of our times. Its distinctiveness leaves a lasting impression on viewers, imprinting both the object and the environment where it is encountered in their memory.

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