PLUM BB1905 Lounge Chair




Plum is a return to the roots and a tribute to the tradition of bent chairs. The series consists of 3 versions: openwork, bucket and club. The characteristic element, a bent structural frame, simultaneously plays the role of legs, armrests and backrest. Fully bent out of one piece of beech wood, it emphasizes the craftsmanship and technological capabilities of steamed bentwood. Traditional nineteenth-century technology has been captured in a minimalist, contemporary form. Plum in the openwork version consists of only 4 elements: the main frame, two legs and the seat. The openwork version is linear purity and lightness of form. In this version, the chair has a definitely graphic and expressive character. This form perfectly fits bistros, home spaces and hotel rooms. In the bucket version, with a bent plywood, upholstered from the inside, Plum chair slightly changes its character. The form gains more elegance, modesty and calmness, which is the answer to the demand for this type of seats in restaurants, hotels and other spaces where seating comfort and elegant form are desirable. The club version of Plum chairs, by changing the backrest angle and seat height, will be located in the hotel lobbies and club parts, where seating comfort is a priority. The compact dimensions of the bucket versions are an alternative to traditional upholstered seats, while maintaining high seat comfort through the use of traditional technology of belts and springs.


Height Height 710 mm
Width Width 600 mm
Depth Depth 650 mm
Seat height Seat height 420 mm
Net weight Net weight 12.2 kg
Footprint Footprint 0.36 m3
Qty in box Qty in box 1
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